About Me

Ronald George Straight


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1944, I was placed in an orphanage. I was 6 years old when I went to live with foster parents in Swan River, Manitoba. At age 12, we moved to Regina, Saskatchewan. In public and high school, I did well in art, won a couple of contests and went to Balfour Technical School for the art course they offered.

I left Regina in 1969 to live in Vancouver. I have worked as a window dresser, in print shops as a graphic artist and at Yellow Pages as a spec artist.  I dabbled in oils during that time and was in a Vancouver gallery in 1975 for a time. With a new wife and baby girl to support, I went into graphic arts full time, working out of my home.
In 2003, I discovered I had 6 half brothers and sisters of the Ojibway Nation. I was the first born and had a different father. My mother lived on the Brokenhead Reserve just north of Winnipeg. I still have 4 siblings left. I have only met one brother.
Much time passed without me painting, but I still always took photographs and kept ideas knowing that someday I would pick up the brush again.
I have been painting since 2006 and have a variety of interests that I think show in my paintings. I’m still experimenting with techniques.
Current interests, other than my art, is photography, curling, golf, fastball... sports in general. I coach or have coached curling and fastball the past few years while still doing graphics.